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New four month period, new subjects, new feelings. Some days ago we started  a new four month period at university, I was excited because I was going to have new projects to do. In this new period I would like to have different projects, not only written and expository works, I would like teachers let us freedom for creating something not given in articles or books, obviously, keeping in mind subject's objectives.

Yesterday it was my first class of this subject, the contribution of ICT in the development of pluriligualism. I was very nervous because of my english level, I know I have to improve it and having english subjects at university it is fine for improve it but that makes me feel nervous and insecure. In this subject I hope to have a good progress on english, to obtain that I will take part in class and speak in english with my classmates. 


After the first impression we started the class and the first individually work is to create a blog, I'm not very skilful with the technologies but I have to try it and do my best. Then my group explain me the project we have to make, I found it very useful and creative, so I like it. While we were starting with the project I realized that my classmates have the same feelings as me, they are nervous but happy because this subject will be very important for us, it is the first subject we have specially for the mention we are doing; foreign language. My classmates and I want to be english teachers in primary school age and to obtain that I have to do some efforts; speak in english, take part in class, try to improve my english on my own and with my classmates, improve my ability with technologies...